Performance Awards & Recognition

The Merrimack Valley section has been recognized by ASQ with the Performance Award and Recognition PAR for 2014. The only section to receive two awards!

PAR Performance –Silver
PAR Innovation –Honorable Mention

At the Community Leader Institute (CLI) in May at World Conference of Quality & Improvement a presentation was made on our innovation and 2014 results. You can see the presentation here.

American Society for Quality
Merrimack Valley Sec. 0102
PO Box 275
North Andover,  MA 01845-0275
January 2016
No ASQMV Meeting

1/3-Issue 1099s to contractors
1/8-1099s due to ASQ
1/18-Section Leadership Meeting 6PM

1/31 Section Monthly Financial Report

February 2016
2/2-ASQMV Meeting

2/15-Scholarship Program complete
2/15 Section Annual Financial Audit Report Due to ASQ for 2016
2/28-Section Monthly Financial Report

March 2016
No ASQMV Meeting

3/1-Scholarship Program to website
3/5-Section Leadership Meeting 6PM
3/31-Section Monthly Financial Report

April 2016
4/6-ASQMV Meeting

4/2-Begin Pizar Award Process
4/30-Section Quarterly Financial Report Due to ASQ (1st Qtr. – March)


May 2016
No ASQMV Meeting

5/1-Fellow Nominations Due
5/17-Section Leadership Meeting 6PM
5/31-Section Monthly Financial Report


June 2016
6/1-ASQMV Meeting

​6/1-Scholarship Winner Announcement
6/1-Pizar Award Announcement
July 2016
No ASQMV Meeting

7/31-Section Quarterly Financial Report Due to ASQ (2nd Qtr. – June)


August 2016
No ASQMV Meeting

8/23-Section Leadership Meeting 6PM
8/23-Start 2018 Business Plan and Budget


September 2016
9/7-ASQMV Meeting

9/1-Section call for section officer nominations to membership
9/30-Section Monthly Financial Report

October 2016
No ASQMV Meeting

10/1-Announce nominated officers through website and e-mail
10/18-Section Leadership Meeting 6PM
10/31-Section Quarterly Financial Report Due to ASQ (3rd Qtr. – September) 

November 2016
11/02-ASQMV Meeting

11/02-Present nominated officers to members at meeting and vote
11/03-Member Leader Orientation
11/08-Section Leadership Meeting 6PM

December 2016
12/07-ASQMV Meeting – Holiday Theme

​12/15-Final Business Plan and Budget due to ASQ
12/3-New section officers and committee members in ASQ database

Master Calendar 

Merrimack Valley Section

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​The Mission of the Merrimack Valley section is to provide an environment for Quality professionals and those interested in Quality to engage, learn, lead and inspire each other to advance and achieve Quality excellence and organizational performance.