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Pizar Award

The award has been created to recognize those members of Merrimack Valley Section, who have shown outstanding efforts toward the society. This effort may be at the national, state or section level. This effort may be recognition for a single outstanding event or for long and continuous work. The recipient should be someone who has brought honor to the section.

The Pizar Award was initiated in 1994 with the honor going to John Pizar. In the following years the award has been awarded to Section members.

  • Once a year the Executive Board of Merrimack Valley Section can place in nomination, members of the section who have shown these traits. 
  • The nominated person(s) can be any member of the section except the present Chair of the Section. 
  • The award is a one-time recognition. All previous winners are ineligible.
  • The identity of the nominee is to remain secret.
  • The members of the Executive Board vote in secret ballot for the nominees.
  • To receive the award the nominee needs at least 50% of the votes.
  • The Chair of the Section tabulates the votes and determines recipient.
  • The award is usually presented at one of the last section meetings of the year. 

2013 Recipient 

William Hoose, CQM/OE, CQI

Congratulations to William Hoose, CQM/OE, CQI, recipient of the 2013 Pizar Award. Bill was recognized for his outstanding service to the section over more than 15 years, at the September meeting. Bill has served in nearly every leadership capacity and sets the example through his dedication and professionalism. The award was presented by Gary Belt, the 2012 recipient. The award has been presented since 1994 to recognize members that have served and demonstrated an outstanding commitment and advancement of the society at the national, regional and section level through their service.

Past Recipients

2012 - Gary Belt Gary Belt, QA, CQE, was awarded the 2012 John Pizar Award by the Merrimack Valley section of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Gary has been a member of ASQ for thirty years and has served the section for over the past ten years as Section Chair (4 times), Treasurer (2), and Education, Arrangements and QMP Chair (once each.) The award was presented by the last recipient, John Perigaut,on John Pizar's 90th birthday. The award has been presented since 1994 to honor members that have served the ASQ at the national, regional and section level and brought honor to the section.

2010 - John Perigaut
John has shown an outstanding effort and distinction representing the American Society for Quality in its principles, code of ethics, and business and professional relationships within the section.

2005 - Richard Laford He has been a mainstay on the Executive Board of the Section for over 30 years as Education committee member, Auditor, and Examining Chairman. He contributed to National ASQ Headquarters as Secretary, Vice Chairman, and Chairman of the National Vendor-Vendee Committee, and contributed to ASC publications including the book "Ship-to Stock".

2004 - Ken Morman Nominated for his long time contribution to the section’s educational activities. He has served as both as a CQE review instructor and on the e-board as education registrar for the section. Through the years Ken has been an example of integrity representing the section to instructors, students and the community.

2003 - L. Charles Priest, Jr.
He has shown devotion to Merrimack Valley Section many times throughout the past 25 years. Chaired many committees of E. Board & became Section Chairman. When the section was in trouble, he became Section Chairman a second time. Then when there was a need for Executive Board members he again helped out (including his willingness to serve as Section Chairman a third time). He is currently serving as Education Chairman, a second year, as well as an Instructor.

​2001 -  James T. Lacey III
Member of our Executive Board for over twenty years - New Letter and Web Page Master – Instructor for the section.

1996 - John Hobbs Past Chairman of the section (three times). Regional Director ASQC (3 terms, 6 years). Chairman of two NEQCC Conferences & a NH Quality Award Conference. Member of founding committees for “Maine State Quality Award”, “Mass State Quality Award”, “New Hampshire State Quality Award” and “The Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence”. Instructor for the section. Examiner for “NH Award” and “Shingo.”

​1995 - Dennis Bennett Past Chairman of the section (two times), member of the Executive Board for over twenty years. Aided the section by obtaining classroom space. Served on NEQCC Conference committee.

1994 - John Pizar Past Chairman of the section, member of the Executive Board for over forty years. Chairman of NEQCC, and a Chairman of an NEQC Conference. Recipient of “The Shaw Goldwath Award”.